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A colouringpage from Francien’s Cats Colouringbook 2

Today I finally found the time to colour the chickens!

I wanted two different ones, so I googled and picked two chickens I liked.
The right one is a ‘Barnevelder’ chicken. They look really beautifull with their brown/reddish feathers, but it’s not really easy to colour a chicken like that.




I used Prismacolors Beige, Dark Brown, TerraCotta, Orange,……. (next time I have to write that down, because I forget which colours I used. Not so cleaver for when I want to give her more layers…).
I also used brown and red Staedtler fineliners and Stabilo watercolour.


but I coloured her quit different.





This was my example, but I coloured her quite different.
The black in the feathers are difficult to colour.



A Barnevelder chicken.

For this one I also used Prismacolor.
I used a yellow one, Orange, a red one, Black, Dark Brown, Terra Cotta, Beige and a view grey-ones.
I also used Stabilo watercolours, a
Faber Castel black pencil and a black Staedtler Triplus velt tip.  I finished with Staedtler fineliners (black, brown and red).


I am pretty happy with the result, allthough it’s not finished yet. For example, the grey in the neck of the right chicken is not how it should be. It’s not at the right spot and looks a bit funny.
The left one can use some more layers. I think…  Maybe I will try to put in the black in her feathers. We’ll see!

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