Colour Wheel

Today I came across a postage by Coloring Pages Bliss about the colour wheel.
You can download a colour wheel on her page to colour it in yourself.
She explains in a video how complimentary colors work and how you can pick them with help of the colour wheel. Really nice to watch.

I agree with her when she explaines how she doesn’t really like all the techniqal stuff around colours and therefore she wasn’t really a fan of the colour wheel at first. “You pick colours out by feeling”. That’s how I do it… But sometimes I do get stuck and don’t know what colour I should pick next. So, that’s when the colour wheel can be handy.

You can download a blank colour wheel at here page: Coloring Pages Bliss

Here page is filled with tips en tricks and free download of her own made colourpages. When you go premium, you’ll have access to much more. So, take a look!



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