Color On! (digital) Magazine

A tip for to learn colouring techniques!

Color On! Magazine is a digital magazine you can sign up to for only $2.50 a month.

Or you can buy a single volume at  for  € 4,66

You’ll get colourpages you can print by different artists,  there are written tutorials and videodemonstrations to learn basic and advanced colouring techniques and much more!!!

It looks really nice and interesting. I’m considering to sign up myself.

If you want, you can buy a paperback instead at Not all volumes are available, but about the first 9 are.

Product DetailsProduct Details


ColorOn!Magazine have followers around the world and they noticed a trend which is quite interesting:

  • Majority are women, aged 35 -65
  • Many are retired, stay athome parents, or homebound due to disabilities
  • Majority are from English speaking countries
  • They understand the hard work done by artists to create designs for them to color, and respect artist’s copyrights
  • They appreciate communitiesof positivity and encouragement
  • Many have pets or love animals 😸🐾🐩🐾
  • Many are interested in environmental issues🌲🌳

Well, I sure fit in this trend (except for the English speaking country) …. do you?





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