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Finished Christmas colouringpage

I’m a bit sad about the outcome, because I really enjoyed this colouring and it just isn’t what I was hoping for. I’m calling it finished however, I’ll probably overdo and ru√Įn it.

I made two mistakes I had to try to correct:
The red and green christmas bauble on the left; I wanted to make a pearlescent colour. ūüėÖ
I know, I overestimated myself a bit there. But hey! If I don’t give new ideas a try, I’ll never accomplish anything.

And so I started on the most left bauble, all excited, and of course, it turned out really awfull looking. So next thing I tried to erase it, which didn’t work very well. Apparently I had already used too much pigment/layers.
I thought to myself: “well okay, I’ll just go over it with a dark red felt-tip.”
I’ve used this ‘trick’ a lot to cover up mistakes, but I guess I was out of luck this time; the colours still came through.
Finally, as a last resort, I used a metallic gelpen and thankfully that went okay.

The green bauble didn’t work out as I wanted either. Again I had to use a metallic gelpen to recover the bauble.
Not my first choice, but in the end it doesn’t annoy me that it didn’t work out as I wanted.

I still am a bit proud of this colouring ūüôā

The materials I used:
Prismacolor Premier (most)
Faber Castell Polychromos
Koh-I-Noor Polycolor
Green Bruynzeel Metallic coloured pencil (now coverd with metallic gelpen)
Stabilo 68
Staedtler Triplus fineliners
White & ivory Posca
Stabilo Aquacolor pencils.



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