Millie Marotta - Animal Kingdom
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Unfinished colourings I forgot 🎨

I was going through my colouringbooks and found a view colourings that I havend finished! Not because I didn’t wánt to, but because I forgot. Most of the times I don’t finish a colouring, but am I working on a view different colourings at the same time. Now I noticed that I sometimes forget about colourings I was working on.

That is not a problem on itself, but while I’m learning new techniques an finding out my way to colour at my best, I would colour the unfinished colourings in a different way when I started on that colouring at this moment. That’s a challenge! I’m wondering how I will finish it when I take the time to do so.  I don’t know which colours and which brand I used…😅

Millie Marotta - Animal Kingdom
W.i.p. Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom
Lulu Mayo - A Million Cats
W.i.p. Lulu Mayo’s A Million Cats
Masja's Wondere Wereld deel 1
W.i.p. Masja’s Wondere Wereld deel 1

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