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GDG Right now new in store! 📚

Take a look; these colouringbooks are looking great!

Global Doodle Gems

GDG Right now new in store!

We have some gorgeous new books in store, our GDG “Volume 17”is out, we have a brand new GDG “Valentines collection volume 3”, GDG “Easter collection volume 2”will be great to color, a new book from our great artist Alfred E. Villanueva, the next GDG “Weirdies Volume 2” by Maria Wedel and her new GDG ” Mandala Volume 1″…. So that will be a lot to color for you all!

Let’s take a look on all those gorgeous covers!

Doesn’t that look like a colorful dream? I will show you some colored pieces to inspire to start, the new video’s about the books will be in the next blogs!


10 great artists worked on this beautiful book, Cynthia Kloeter, Ellen Wolters, Olivia Julius Dunggat, Maud Taron.

Damy Teng,Ondine Summer, Karim Benyagoub, Jenny…

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