📫The mailman brings…🎁

So, I was really excited to find out I won a colouringcontest. It was a contest run by Goedkoopstehobby.nl . The first price was a can with 60 Staedtler Karat Aquarel pencils and I really, REALLY wanted to win them. I did my very best colouring and it payed off 😊😀
Finally there were the announcements of the winners!
Two days I was waiting inpatiently, but now I recieved the price I wanted so much.

I can’t wait to start trying these pencils out, but I still have to be patient…. Don’t have the time right away and have to wait for this evening.

If you want to take a look at the other winners and there colouringpage, look at Facebook.






Besides the price, I also recieved Polychromos coloured pencils that I’ve Purchased and they were in the package also. One didn,t, because that one wasen’t in stock. Still 9 beautifull colours I can ad!


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