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Too much inspiration… (it’s possible)

I’m having ‘a hard time’ at the moment 😀.

I’m busy with different projects and I can’t get one done. I really want to colour: (3 4 5 projects) but I also want to do all kind of things on this blog/website. When I choose one thing to do, (mostly website) I start, but before I know it, I’m surfing around the internet seeïng interesting things and getting all kind of ideas, that I will forget later on because it’s so many. And after a while getting ideas, I haven’t done a single thing.
That’s really, really frustrating!

I really have to do something about that. I’ve read on a blog about blogging, that I should keep a blogplanner. Is’nt that a good idea? It is! Now I have to find the discipline to stick to the planner and not beïng distracted by topics about colouringbooks and illustrators, colouring techniques, organizing colouring materials, a contest and all the other topics  I come across.
The problem is, that I enjoy it so much to read and explore all about colouring. And try to make a blog/website about it.

Sometimes I just want to do what made me getting interested: colouring!!!!

The colourings I’m trying to do:

But most of all, I want to continue colouring this page by Antonina Kalinina:


I’m just SO chaotic!!!!


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