Colouringbooks, Review

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Jade Summer

A Fun colouringbook telling the original story of Alice in Wonderland in 25 colourpages.

A free sample

It’s suitable for beginners to advantaged colourists. Plenty details, where you can experiment with many different ways of colouring. Suitable for people with some limited sight, becasue the lines are not fine and there are no tiny details.

With the PDF version that also comes with purchasing the paperback, you can print as many times as you want on every kind of paper.
I only have the PDF version which I received when Jade Summer gave away a copy to the first 50 people that replied on her facebook, so I can only judge the drawings; a unique style that is beautiful and fun.


Take a look at all the colourpages in the video:
(if the music annoyes you, put the sound off, like I always do😉)


Where to buy


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