Colouring projects, Tips

Background part 1

When I ruined my colouring for the ..?.. time – I can’t remember how many times – , I thought: Ok. Now I’m going to spend some time in finding tips and advice for how to colour backgrounds.

And I did find some great advice and ideas!!

First I’ll show you an article out of ColorOn!magazine where you get advice about how to colour a sky (did you know a sky does NOT have only 1 shade of blue?) and a background tutorial with a sunset colour scheme. ⇒ Go to the article ⇒

I practiced by following the steps given in this article how to colour a sky and the background.
The photo’s I made from the sky I coloured, are blurry. I’m sorry about that.

I’m all excited about all those ideas and advices I found, so I’ll hope that I make progress over time ánd I hope it will help others who are ‘struggling’ with the backgrounds, like me.☺️



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