7 Tips for hosting a colouring party

Like to share the colouring fun with other people? Here are some tips to host your own colouring party! Colouring by yourself can be great, but when you colour with friends and other people you get to share idea’s and tips. This way you can improve your own colourings.

I never attended one myself, sadly. Did you ever host or attend a colouring party? What was it like? Are you thinking of hosting on? Please comment below!

And, ofcourse, happy colouring!

Remember the days when everyone gathered around the table for a board game or a jigsaw puzzle during the holidays? Well, I have a fun cooperative alternative to offer for this season: hosting a coloring party. This is a wonderful, low-stress way of gathering with friends or family for some shared creative expression. As the […]

via 7 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Coloring Party — Everyone Loves to Color! — Amber Lotus Publishing


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