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Folklore colourings

My colouring weekend was all about folklore (love it). First a Japanese Geisha, although the drawing isn’t quit traditional since the hair doesn’t fit with the dress and I couldn’t figure out if it’s a Maiko  or Geisha because of the hairstyle. As I could find out, the hair is more for a married woman or retired Geisha. But the bare neck is for maiko en geisha…
I decided to colour an older Geisha by choosing colours for her kimono. The goldfish (=Chinese) should be a koi… I think. But I like the drawing very much!
If you want to colour it yourself, you can download this colouringpage at the ‘Colouringpages – Free downloads’ in the menu.

Brabants bont


The second I just had to colour! It’s a sample of the new colouringbook by Creative Haven: Creative Kittens. After Japanese folklore I felt like colouring Dutch folklore! The colours —(Delfts) blue with red, green and yellow — is called “Brabants Bont”.


Being Creative & Colouring


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