A sweet gift brought by the mailman

Last week my waiting ended finally, when the mailman brought a colouringbook given by Chroma Tomes. Around New Year they had a give away on their facesweetbookpage, so I took my change and participated. Sadly, I didn’t win.

But….. as a Very Sweet Surprise itself, I got a pm saying that they would send me a copy anyway, because they had to laugh about my reaction (about ‘oliebollen’ and ‘appelflappen’; dutch bakery eaten at New Year and carnivals). And they liked the fact that there is a fan from The Netherlands…. 🙂

I could choose any colouringbook I wanted, just like the winners could and I chose the cute and funny “Sweet Surprise” colouringbook by J.B. Johnson, filled with many mice eating their bellies round from sweet bakery. I just love it!!

A BIG thank you for to give an EXTRA price… awesome! I feel very lucky.

I am going to make a review about this book soon, but in the meanwhile I had to colour a page out of this book. Here are my coloured mice playing with flour:

sweet surprise flour

If you want to purchase this book, you can do that here at amazon.
Also take a look at their facebookpage, where you can also download freebies from this and other books or you can take a look here first.



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