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W.i.p. : Magical Jungle #2



Finished one of the two pages out of Magical Jungle by Johanna Basford.

After being very pleased with the pearls by the first attempt to colour those, I ruined two of them by finishing the background. I did the background with softpastels and since softpastel can’t go over coloured pencil, I didn’t worry about that, I would wipe that off after finishing. In this case, I couldn’t wipe it off…. I suppose the colours from the pearl were too light… A little panic took over me and I tried to wipe it out, go over it with new layers of coloured pencil, but It didn’t get better; it got worse… I tried to colour it in so it would look like two stones, but the grey turned in some kind of browny colour and the paper wouldn’t take another layer of whatever I would have tried after. So, I hate it, It totally ruined the colouring for me, I only see those two what supposed to look like pearls and now look like two stains instead of stones aaaahhhh!!!


O well, next time better 😀 Silly me!


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