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A sweet kitten in spring

It seems I took a little pause from colouring. Don’t know why, I just didn’t feel like it.
I coloured daily, but then there comes a time that I get the feeling that I HAVE to (ridiculous) and I know I have to stop for a while otherwise I will stop colouring for ever.

So, after doing some other things (reading, playing games) this weekend I looked through my colouringbooks and when I kept looking at this drawing, thinking about which colours I would use, I decided to have a great colouring weekend.

This is the result so far:


The page is from the lovely ‘Francien’s Kattenkleurboek’ (Franciens Cats Colouringbook) by Francien van Westering.

How the cat should look, I took this beauty as inspiration.

The cat didn’t turn out as I wanted it to be. It should have been much lighter, with more white and a lighter grey.
But, I find it hard to colour light coloured fur, so I kept making it darker along the way.

The final result is ok, I guess… 😀

After I finished the big flowerpot and filling the background, I’m going to start with the easter eggs. Not sure what the do with them though…



UPDATE: Finished!
For the large image look at Being Creative & Colouring
IMG_0080 (1)


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