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Nebulae and more

I’ve always had a thing for space stuff. I love to look up to the sky at night and try to recognize some constellations. So when I was experimenting with my new watercolours I tried to paint a nebula. A nebula is an instellar cloud and are often star-forming regions. In these regions the formations of gas, dust, and other materials “clump” together to form denser regions, which attract further matter, and eventually will become dense enough to form stars. The densest nebulae can have densities of 10,000 molecules per cubic centimeter (or sometimes even more)*. So it’s pretty dense, I think.

My favorite colour is purple, so it wasn’t very hard to decide which colour the nebula was going to be. I looked up some reference pics and decided to create a pink, blue and purple nebula.

I grabbed some aquarel paper and sprayed it with water. I used lots of water to create this one. With a very wet brush I added layers of pink, blue and purple. The water mixed the colours and when I thought it looked nice I dried it with a hairdryer. Then I added another layer, and so on, until I tought it looked finished. The colours looked very dull to me, so I tried to brighten them up by adding a layer of Caran d’Ache Neocolors. The colours became a lot brighter and more intense. For the stars I used a white watercolour, but the white isn’t very opaque in contrary to the other colours in the set. I had to add about 5 layers of white on each dot. In total it took about 3 hours to make this one. The left one is the finished one. The right one is edited, since I wanted to add even more stars.

purple nebula(1)Purple-nebula

I think it looks pretty cool. So why not try another one? Lets spend another 3 hours!

For this one I thought; let’s go green and red. I don’t know why, it just seemed like a good idea. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. You can decide for yourself.

Again I searched for some really nice pics of green/red nebulae. I found even more beautiful ones than I did for the purple nebula. Really, just look at them:

Amazing right?

I used the same set up as the with the purple nebula. Except there was a little problem. Green and red don’t mix like pink, purple and blue. I had to add a little yellow, brown and orange. This one was definitely more difficult. It’s also a bit more blue than the original idea I had. The result looks great though. The left one is the finished one. The right one is edited (again). I added a dark edge, increased the clarity and added lots of stars.

Red-green nebulaC

Redgreen nebula

I actually like this one more than the purple nebula. But that’s it for the nebulae and space stuff. Now we’re heading on to the “and more” part.

I’m still working on Antonina Kalinina‘s butterfly. The last couple days I coloured some leafs. Picture is a bit shaken sadly. Too lazy to make a new one, maybe I’ll update with a better pic later.

VlinderWIPI spend a lot of time on this one, since I want to make it perfect. Also, I’m not the best decision maker and there are (too?) many colours to choose from.. I’m still in two minds what to do with the background. I’m thinking about going all black. Any suggestions though?

So these are my little projects. What are you currently colouring?

Happy colouring!

* I totally borrowed this info from another website. If you want to know more about nebulae click here



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