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Another Beautiful colouringpage by Antonina Kalinina … coloured by me!

Background first this time…
…but not sure if that’s the way for me.

I started this colouringpage with the background, which I normally never do, thinking I
can decide best how it should be if I do it last. But there are artists that recommend to do it first, so you can decide what colours the rest will be, best fitting with the background.

But, when I coloured the butterflies, I wasn’t pleased, I think they fade away in the background, while I want them to pop out.
Especially the one above is fading away. I tried to give her a shadow, and more. I erased some of the background away, to make it lighter at the top. But still, I wasn’t satisfied.

So, I made a photo of the finish and then tried to put some paint on the background with a sponge. It could have been better…. I should have practiced first, but since I don’t have the patience for that I just did something.

But now after a little while when I watch these two images, I think I like the final result with the paint added. I think this one will be framed tomorrow 😀

The poppies are one of my favorite flowers and I could take a look at a wall-image hanging at the wall in my garden while colouring 😀

The butterflies are inspired by these photos, e.o.:

I so much love to colour the drawings made by Antonina Kalinina!!!
also take a look here —
She’s really one of my favorite artist and I can’t wait for her book ‘Magical botanical’ to come out!!! Patience, patience….


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