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Contest time: – Klará Marková –

I love to participate in colouring contests. Mostly because its great to see how others coloured their entries, much to learn from it!! And sometimes it’s also because I really want to win one of the prizes; colouring materials and/or a colouringbook. Even when I know I could not be with the winners, it still is very exciting. What if…,

… and if I’m not a winner, then its fun to see if the ones I liked best are among the winners.

I haven’t seen any colouring contests for a while. I’ve missed one by Johanna Basford and one by Millie Marotta. Both are contests where I always be stunned by the entries of others, like, HOW do they DO that??????? Really, it’s breathtaking sometimes, especially with the contests of Johanna Basford. (thousands participating!) It’s really great and I’ve learned a lot from participating and looking at all the entries of others. But the first ones for this year I missed out off, sadly enough. Better luck next time!!

For a contest in a colouring group I have colored this freebie by Klára Marková, which I wanted to colour in al along! But now, It’s for to win a piece of jewelery made by Klára Marková herself…. that would be awesome to win!!

The only term was to print the freebie out on coloured paper. Every colour goes, as long as it’s not white. This to prevent that some entries where coloured before the contest already. They wanted to make sure that the entries are coloured for this particular contest only.

I had light yellow and light green paper to choose from. Never used it to colour on before, always on white or creme paper. I chose for green. I wondered how it would turn out, never considered to colour on coloured paper and I liked the challenge. So green it is.
And it went fine. I was a bit surprised by it. Green or white paper, it just doesn’t make that much of a difference.

So here it is:

I used Koh-I-Noor Polycolor, Prisma Premier, FC Polychromos and some Stabilo coloured pencils. Also I used fineliners and a white and ivory Posca marker. The glitter in the wings of the girl is done with a Spectrum Noir Sparkle brushpencil (Pink Champagne). And finally, I wanted to make the background some darker and used Derwent pastel pencils, brown and pink.

I am pretty pleased with my colouring, but am I going to win? No, don’t think so. Take a look at this entry by Ellen Wolters:

The colours she used, the background, the shadows she made… and the inside of the door ….Absolutely beautifully done.

UPDATE: The winner! (noooo, not me! :))

The winner had spent a lot of time in her colouring, so here entry was the last one.. And what entry it is! After Ellen Wolters, this one was absolute the most beautiful. I envy her creativity in her background… I am still struggling with backgrounds, I’m just no good at it I suppose haha.

Here is her entry:

Bonita Balster Hendriks
Coloured by Bonita Balster Hendriks.

Beautiful, isn’t it?


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