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Contest #2; Nadiya Vasilková

For a contest I’m going to colour a face of a girl and I don’t really know how to do it in a proper way. How to colour skin? And how to colour make-up?

I searched on the internet for tips and going to try some of them out.
is the first I found and is very interesting. First of all, the colours to use.


It says:

A list of the colours to use:

  1. cream
  2. pink
  3. blush pink
  4. ochre
  5. brown earth

The background cream and pink

Brighter with blush pink

Yellow ochre temper the overly Pink and Brown earth for the shadows.

So here we go;


The whole list of the colours I used, including the ones that I used after the first layers off the list.

  1. KIN Cream 41
  2. KIN Amarant roze 351
    3. KIN 353
  3. KIN 29 ochre

Then with the dark brown I was searching for a good match with Brown Earth, which I don’t have. I used first the ones I remembered from using with a hand earlier, and wend searching for darker after.
5. KIN 64 Burned ochre
6. KIN 65 Terracotta
7. KIN 68 Dark Brown
8. Prisma 946

I wanted the shades around her eyes and nose to be darker, but the paper didn’t accept that… since I’m out of drawing paper, I used a normal print paper. That wasn’t a good idea. I couldn’t blend the darker colour with the others any more, but kept trying along the process. Here you can see what happened. Better paper next time!!!

The hair I first coloured in a blue (KIN 19) where I thought the highlights would be and then black (FC Pitt oil based extra soft).

The eyes. I didn’t write down which colours I used and in which order (it’s really not my thing, I always forget while colouring), but there is a view greens, grey and brown.


NV 10
The make-up in pinky colours. I wanted a blush too, but didn’t know how and where, so I left it out.

It’s always hard to get a good image showing how it really looks. At the first finish, the pearls and shadows didn’t come out in the right way. So I coloured them some darker hoping so the camera could catch the colours in a better way. The final photo was taken in the evening.
You can also see the difference between daylight and artificial light… In this case I like the second more.

I enjoyed to colour this girl very much and learned a view things. Guess I will be colouring more faces in future!

For the contest take a look here: contest Nadiya Vasilkova


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