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Contest #3: Bunny by Christopher King

This was another challenge for me. The drawing is quit different from what i used to colour — like flowers, cute animals, etc. — and I didn’t know HOW I should colour it.
All the hidden creaturs, how could I let them pop out? It’s not really a cute bunny (well, to me it isn’t :D) so what colours to use?

First, I wanted to make it all blue. But, starting with the egg, I wanted more colour in it. So, I added yellow. And for shading I used yellow/brown colours (Staedtler Ergosoft nr. 16, 37 and 49). I had the bunny coloured in French Grey, leaving much area’s white, but after adding blue and green, that wasn’t great. To complete the primary colours, I used red. Shade it with brownish red (I think it was nr. 260 Staedtler Karat).

Then I used fineliners to accentuate.


If you would like to participate in this contest, take a look here   (Closed now)

by  Chroma-Therapy: A Walk In Nature


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