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Making Flowers by Leila Duly Look Better then Before

The colouringbook ‘Florabunda’ by Leila Duly was on my wish list for quit a while.
And finally I purchased it, very excited to start experimenting with watercolour pencils.

I started and it looked like this:


I don’t know… It just isn’t hat great looking. I had used Staedtler Karat watercolour pencils and the red flowers with pastel pencils.


After a while, I wanted to try again. And…, since I wasn’t really pleased with the result of the latest try, I thought I could just as well experiment on this one, before I try a new one.

I have added more layers and tried to make better shadows. The shadows I find really hard to do with watercolour, so I kept trying to make it better looking. I used some fineliners to put accents.
Every time when I made a mistake, I walked away to come back later on and look again.

Somewhere on the internet I had seen a technique for the background and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I am just so inpatient. I used Neocolor II. That wasn’t really easy to get it a bit smooth without seeing the pencil strokes… Guess I had to do it in layers. But again: I’m not that patient… Finally I went over the whole background with a white Neocolor and put water on it. That did the trick. I was really surprised how many water the paper could take! It curled a bit on the top right, that’s all.


(Click for a bigger image).

I’ve added also a little bit of pink in the background and with stencils and Gesso I added the butterflies (not a great result) and the border at the top. I used an old t-shirt, but I should have used a sponge for the result I wanted to achieve.

But still… I think it looks better now than I thought it could become!
Can’t wait to experiment more with watercolour! It’s fun to do.


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