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Chibi girl by Jade Summer

Lately I keep challenging myself by colouring something I wouldn’t think I can in a proper way. This time Jade Summer’s new colouringbook came out and they gave a freebie of the frontpage.
A chibi girl.. I didn’t know anything about Manga and I had to search for how to colour Chibi’s. My daughter does know, she likes manga very much, but she wasn’t at home, so I really had to figure it out by myself.
I only knew from my daughter that the eyes are very important. So I did my very best to do them in the right way. I noticed that the blushes beneath the eyes are important too.

When my daughter came home, I was busy doing my best at this Chibi girl, expecting her to give comments at my work. But she didn’t. She did have a smile when she took a look sometimes. I thought: O, I must do it all wrong!
Finally, when she did give her comment, she gave me advice on how to give hightlights in the eyes (more then usual), and if you like in stars or hearts. Anything that looks cute.

Well, ok…. that’s it? Then I’m not doing so terrible as I thought. But why is she smiling when she takes a look? ..Well… I’ts because it seems this is typical colouringpage and manga for little girls. Like Little Pony is also and no, I really wouldn’t colour a Little Pony colouringpage, not even when I can colour it for a contest with a very, very nice prize (there really was one, for adults).
She showed me how Manga for girls changes when they get older. And how it changes to Manga styles I personally don’t like (she does) and how Chibi’s are then being used to show in a Manga what the character really thinks. Very interesting!
But I did enjoy colouring my Chibi girl which is supposed to be for little girls and leave it whit that XD. I think she looks very cute too!!!!


chibi jade summer


For colouringbooks of Jade Summer take a look here.


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