Daily Prompt

Too Much & Too Little

I just read this blog about the daily prompt word unmoored, and I can so relate to that!

Besides all the ideas I have for blogs I still didn’t write, which make me feel chaotic (nothing changed), I have too many colouring projects I would like to do all at the same time. 

  • I’m working on a beautiful project by Christopher King, which takes a lot of time (but do enjoy it so much). IMG_0293

But …

  • now I have purchased 2 colouring books  — Knitting Cats by Jason Hamilton & Teacup kittens — I wanted for so long, which will arrive this week.  And when they arrive, I sure will want to colour in it immediately. I was happy that Teacup Kittens will arrive first, so I don’t have to choose between those two, which would be almost impossible for met to do.

  •  I found out yesterday, there will be contests/lotteries this week by Antonina Kalinina, which is also one of my favorite artists and I really want to participate in.. colouring Antonina’s pages will also take much time, since I really want to do my best at these…

  • IMG_0298speaking of Antonina Kalinina… I framed two of her illustrations coloured by me, and a third one is waiting to be framed so I can put them on the wall together. It’s just an easy thing to do, the frame is standing on the ground against the wall, just waiting for me to finally do that little thing I want to do so much… so stupid! Instead of doing this, I want to start on a new illustration by Antonina, and another…


  • And then there are two colouring books I purchased 2 months ago and which I also really wanted for a while, still waiting for me to colour in… I did do 1 colouring in each book, but want to do some more. I am feeling guilty for purchasing those books and then letting them laying there, finding the time to colour.

Too much fun things I want to do, but to little patience to accomplish …  Sometimes I get so tired of myself being like this haha,…. time for a little break I guess, so I can have the patience again to choose one thing to do. I will never change..ough.






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