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W.i.p.: Tulips by Antonina Kalinina

Another beautiful illustration by Antonina Kalinina for me to colour with great joy!
All kinds of tulips (I’m Dutch, so I guess I almost have to like them 😀 ) and so I coloured them almost all different.

I had in mind to make one of the tulips a Black Tulip, but skipped the idea. When I made a mistake, which I couldn’t fix but made worse and worse, making it a black tulip was a great cover up!

I love the bumblebee sitting there on a leave and as a surprise the snail hiding under one…. just gorgeous.

Some of my inspiration images:


If you would like to try your hand on these, they are available to purchase at:…/…/dancing-tulips-adult-coloring-page…

Take a look at Antonina’s Facebook:
Pomegranate Colouring

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Radiate Adorable


On my wishlist for a while and now finally purchased: Teacup Kittens by Kayomi Harai.

Continue reading “Radiate Adorable”

Colouring projects, Colouringbooks, Libuška's colourings

Finished project 4-page by Christopher D. King

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This 4 page are from the colouring book ‘Chroma-Therapie:  A Walk in Nature by Christopher King. I so much enjoyed colouring it!!! Continue reading “Finished project 4-page by Christopher D. King”

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Contest #5 by Antonina Kalinina

Antonina Kalinina is the artist of the week in a facebookgroup called  SHIMMER&SHINE SPARKLING ANGELS COLORING.
She does lotteries and a contest, so I just had to participate, eventhough

The first time I coloured this page

I allready coloured the page before. It’s such a beautiful drawing, it’s a joy to do it again! Continue reading “Contest #5 by Antonina Kalinina”

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Too Much & Too Little

I just read this blog about the daily prompt word unmoored, and I can so relate to that!

Besides all the ideas I have for blogs I still didn’t write, which make me feel chaotic (nothing changed), I have too many colouring projects I would like to do all at the same time.  Continue reading “Too Much & Too Little”

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W.i.p. A Four-page by Christopher D. King

This is an illustration out of the colouringbook Walk in Nature by Christopher D. King.

He asked me to colour it and I love to !! Can you imagine how beautifull it will look framed at the wall?? I can! Continue reading “W.i.p. A Four-page by Christopher D. King”

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Contest #4 Alena Lazareva 2nd

My second entry. Continue reading “Contest #4 Alena Lazareva 2nd”

Contests, Libuška's colourings

For contest #4: Alena Lazareva

In a facebookgroup they have a contest where you can choose between three free colouringpages by artist Alena Lazareva. You can enter 3 times, so you can do all three pages. I choose this one, because I love to colour goldfish: Continue reading “For contest #4: Alena Lazareva”

Colouring projects, Libuška's colourings

Chibi girl by Jade Summer

Lately I keep challenging myself by colouring something I wouldn’t think I can in a proper way. This time Jade Summer’s new colouringbook came out and they gave a freebie of the frontpage.
A chibi girl.. I didn’t know anything about Manga and I had to search for how to colour Chibi’s. My daughter does know, she likes manga very much, but she wasn’t at home, so I really had to figure it out by myself. Continue reading “Chibi girl by Jade Summer”

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Pearl Beads Contest by Nadiya Vasilkova

So today, on the deadline day, I finally finished the colouring! It took me a long time to finish this one. I wanted to do something completely different, which made it also very difficult. I enjoyed colourig a face, something I’ve never done before. I think it came out nicely. Here is my little mermaid: Continue reading “Pearl Beads Contest by Nadiya Vasilkova”