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Contest #5 by Antonina Kalinina

Antonina Kalinina is the artist of the week in a facebookgroup called  SHIMMER&SHINE SPARKLING ANGELS COLORING.
She does lotteries and a contest, so I just had to participate, eventhough

The first time I coloured this page

I allready coloured the page before. It’s such a beautiful drawing, it’s a joy to do it again! Continue reading “Contest #5 by Antonina Kalinina”

Contests, Libuška's colourings

Contest #4 Alena Lazareva 2nd

My second entry. Continue reading “Contest #4 Alena Lazareva 2nd”

Contests, Libuška's colourings

For contest #4: Alena Lazareva

In a facebookgroup they have a contest where you can choose between three free colouringpages by artist Alena Lazareva. You can enter 3 times, so you can do all three pages. I choose this one, because I love to colour goldfish: Continue reading “For contest #4: Alena Lazareva”

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Pearl Beads Contest by Nadiya Vasilkova

So today, on the deadline day, I finally finished the colouring! It took me a long time to finish this one. I wanted to do something completely different, which made it also very difficult. I enjoyed colourig a face, something I’ve never done before. I think it came out nicely. Here is my little mermaid: Continue reading “Pearl Beads Contest by Nadiya Vasilkova”

Contests, Libuška's colourings

Contest #3: Bunny by Christopher King

This was another challenge for me. The drawing is quit different from what i used to colour — like flowers, cute animals, etc. — and I didn’t know HOW I should colour it.
All the hidden creaturs, how could I let them pop out? It’s not really a cute bunny (well, to me it isn’t :D) so what colours to use? Continue reading “Contest #3: Bunny by Christopher King”

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Contest #2; Nadiya Vasilková

For a contest I’m going to colour a face of a girl and I don’t really know how to do it in a proper way. How to colour skin? And how to colour make-up?

I searched on the internet for tips and going to try some of them out. Continue reading “Contest #2; Nadiya Vasilková”