Antonina Kalinina

Antonina Kalinina is a children’s and young adults’ books illustrator who has recently published her first colouring book, ‘The Pomegranate Grove’.

Antonina loves creating intricate floral patterns and works with both traditional and digital media. She takes her inspiration in oriental ceramics and textiles and cherishes a particular love for the bright and elegant palette of Iznik pottery.

As a children’s and young adults’ book illustrator, Antonina focusses on educational and language materials and loves illustrating puns, puzzles and word games.



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Take a look at

Antonina Kalinina website

Facebook Pomegranate Colouring


Antonina is working on a upcoming colourinbook ‘Imaginary Botanicals’. In the mean while you can purchase her colouringpages she finished for the book at
You really should take a look, these are SO gorgeous!!!!

Antonina Kalinina at




AND, if you like the drawing above, you should also take a look at Society6 Art. Here you can purchase pillows, mugs, bags, walldecoration, etc. printed with this beauty of a cat.



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