Chroma Tomes

Chroma Tomes coloring books are created for adults, but fun for all ages! Relax your mind, spark your imagination, color away your cares!

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Chroma Tomes coloring books for adults are the result of the combined creative forces of the Johnson boys, and they know you’ll enjoy them.

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The Illustrators:

J.B. “Joe” Johnson is a Yankee transplant living in SC with his beautiful Southern Belle wife, Shauna and 3 great kids (though his favorite “kid” is his cat, Tiny Boo.) He has served as a soldier and worked as a “tower dog”, risking life and limb in both lines of work. His work as a muralist and now coloring book artist is safer (so far), and he looks forward to many more creations, both independently, as well as in collaboration with his equally talented brother, J.A. Johnson.

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J. A. Johnson is the author of “The Wild, Wild Quest: An Epic Fantasy of America’s Old West”. He is also the author of the science fiction novella, “iionii”, the co-author of “The Seething: A Zombie Chronicle”, as well as the co-creator-writer-illustrator of the children’s comic book, “The Mighty, Mighty Maomi” (which is available in both English and Mandarin Chinese).
He is also illustrates Chroma Tomes, adult coloring books, along with his brother J.B. Johnson. The titles that J.A. has created include, “Lost Ocean”, “Exotic China”, and “Something Fishy”. This is of course an ever growing list with new titles becoming available every few weeks.

source: Amazon

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⇒A view of the free samples: For all of the samples and to download see the facebookpage.⇐

Personally, I ❤️ the mice out of ‘Sweet Surprises‘. Which do you like?

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