Tim Jeffs

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There are three things I love when it comes to making art. Drawing, intricate detail, and animals. I’m a illustrator, and animals have always been a favorite subject of mine. Their incredible diversity and complexity has always intrigued me. In every drawing I try to capture the unique quality of each particular animal. I have also always enjoyed the dramatic nature that drawing in black and white offers. All of my work is done in pen and ink. This medium challenges me to not look back. No erasing or redoing means a pure and true end result. I’m extremely happy to have the opportunity to offer my animal ink drawings for sale as prints and posters. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have had creating it.
Source: Tim Jeffs Art at Etsy.com

Tim Jeffs makes stunning very detailed drawings of animals in a unique style. The drawings are beautiful enough in black & white, but you can bring them alive by colouring them in the colours you love.

To get the freebies below and some more, you’ll only have to become a member of his facebook group Intricate Ink Animals in Detail by Tim Jeffs’. There you can download the freebies in the Freebies Album and show your coloured masterpiece off.

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Where to buy his books?


Digital downloads, posters, books, cards and more





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