Staedtler Karat ®Aquarell 125 (EN)

🔳 Dutch version

Information by Staedtler:


  • High-quality watercolour pencil in classic hexagonal shape
  • Watercolour leads – can be used dry or blended with water
  • Excellent blending quality of the colours
  • For a wide range of creative effects – also with water and brush
  • Especially smooth, rich colour strokes
  • Break-resistant lead
  • Up to 60 brilliant, lightfast colours
  • Wood from certified, sustainably managed forests

karat® aquarell 125

The pencils come in a metal tin and are available as a set of  24, 36, 48 or 60 pencils.
They’re also available as single colours.

My experience

I’ve won a set of 60 pencils with a colouring competition. I had watercolours of a different brand, so I was curious about these by Staedtler. It’s the Johanna Basford version; the tin was covered with a special carton. When I opened the tin I found three drawings by Johanna. What a nice surprise!

img_9778In the tin are two plastic layers to keep the pencils in place. On each sides are two small u-shapes where you can place your index finger and thumb to lift the plastic layer. You can put this layer in the lid of the tin. This way you can see all your pencils at once.

The pencils are silver coloured, with the colour of the pencil at the bottom (about 1/4 part). The pencils are numbered, which is also printed on the pencils. The colours also have names, which isn’t printed on the pencil unfortunately. You’ll have to look up a colour chart to find out what the names are.
The colours are lightfast, so you can use your colourings as wall decoration without the colours fading/changing.


(Ofcourse) I made a colourchart. You can download it here. To make one I first looked up a chart that was already coloured in by Staedtler with the colournames. I like this, because this way I can compare the colours better.


While colouring in the chart I got all excited. All these beautiful colours!
The first row is coloured ‘dry’, the second with water. The pigment nicely spreads out on the paper when I go over it with the brush. Some colours spread even better than others. This made me want to use the pencils in a colouring very bad.

You can download a chart here.

I tried the pencils on the drawings by Johanna Basford that came in the set. Colouring with watercolour pencils isn’t something that I’m good at, I have to confess. I was wondering if I’d do it better this time.

I used water on the branches and leaves, but it didn’t go well. I used too much water.

I tried again with the drawings of the crabs. It got better. Practice makes perfect 😄.


This is the first one I coloured. The legs and shield are done with water. Everything else without. It didn’t came out very pretty, but that’s more my fault. I recoloured it’s claws with a dry pencil. The left claw came out nicely.

Here I only did the inside of the shield with water.

It went better with this one. The front legs and the shield are done with water, everything else without.

I love to work with these pencils. The pencils are soft enough to go over the paper smoothly, but also hard enough to colour in small details.
Working with water goes great, it only needs a little practice. Especially when you’re not used to watercolouring. The pigment transfers evenly on the paper with water and you have to use very little colour off the pencil to get a great result.

Blending colours

Blending with the pencils goes easily. With and without water.
I tried this on watercolour paper and I noticed that the pencils don’t tear or scratch the paper. I’ve seen this happen with pencils from other brands.


Watercolour on bigger surfaces

This also goes well. It will be better with more practice.



Goes fine. I used 200 grams paper for this.



I’m more than content with these pencils, I absolutely love them! I had high expectations of these pencils, since they are also used professionally.
They colour great, dry and wet.
Highly recommended!!


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