A Million Cats by Lulu Mayo

Title: A Million Cats: Fabulous Felines to Color
Author: Lulu Mayo

Publisher: Lantaarn Publishers
Size: 8x250x210 mm
Weight: 271,00 grams
Pages: 64
Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9789461888259 

This is the first colouring page that I saw of the book on internet and I fell in love immediately. I do love cats alot and this colouring page sums up why; they’re so cute!
As a member of ECI, a Dutch online bookstore, I have to buy books once in a while. It didn’t take me long to decide which one I should buy this time.

The book was smaller than I expected, but I actually quite like it. Bigger colouring books are sometimes impractical, because they take up a lot of space and aren’t easy to rotate while colouring.

While flipping through the pages I was disappointed at first. A lot of drawings are too cartoonish for me. Most cats in the book have ‘human traits’, like clothing or riding a bike.
I expected more pages like the one above.

When the disappointment faded away I started to appreciate the drawings. I found that the drawings are super fun, even though I didn’t like them at first.
I discovered there happens a lot on every page, which made me smile often. The cats on the pages interact with each other; one looks mean to another for something, or a cat has the tail of a fish in his mouth, which made another cat irritated.

When you look at the 3 cats on the top of the left tree on the colouring page above, you’ll see it tells a little story. To my mind the cat most left is angry at the cat most right, who has put his paws shamefully in front of his face. Maybe he teased the cat in the middle, who’s now looking for protection of the left one. So I have a lot of fun while colouring these pages, discovering more and more of these little stories. I’m glad I bought this book.

Up to now I’ve coloured 2 drawings (4 pages) and I’m working on a third one. I don’t finish colouring pages right away, but most of the time I’m working on a couple of pages.

It’s obviously which drawing I coloured first; the cute cats in the tree. The whole drawing covers 2 pages, like many others in the book.


For this page I mostly used Koh-I-Noor (KIN) Polycolor pencils. The pink flowers are coloured with Faber Castel (FC) Dürer watercolour pencils. I used the water (for the pencils) without any problems. I also used some fineliners, which don’t bleed through the pages. The background is done with pastels. Every medium worked fine.

The designs merge into the binding and you can’t flatten the book enough to colour everything on the page. A small space is left uncoloured, which is a shame. It irritates me when this happens, but luckily you don’t see too much of it while flipping through the book.


A second page I coloured with even more mixed media: KIN Polycolor, FC Polychromos, FC Dürer, Stabilo Original, Bruynzeel, Stabilo 68 and 88 fineliners, glitter gelpens (2 hand fans) and normal gelpens. I’ve coloured the background with pastel pencils (Stabilo and Derwent).

I had to use many layers to get the roof and side of the boat black. First I tried pencils, but that wasn’t dark enough. Then I tried Caran D’ache Neocolors II with water, which I also didn’t like. Then watercolour paint, also not dark enough. I went over all these layers with Stabilo felttips and finally the result was to my liking. I was happy that all these layers didn’t damage the page or bleed through! The paper got wrinkled and puckered, but smoothed after drying. I did not expect that.

You can see all the drawings in the book here, a flip-trough by  ‘iii ireader’.

I think this is a great and fun colouring book, with nice smooth white paper, where you can use a lot of different media on. The pages don’t bleed or damage too quick, but be carefull with (too much) water.

You can buy the book here:

Bol.com voor € 7,09  (Dutch version)
Amazon UK  voor £ 6,99
Amazon voor $ 6.61 (Glue-bound)

Note: Amazon (both links) sell a different version of the book than the one I wrote this review for. Paper quality, size, weight, etc. may differ.


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